Quantuloop Joins NVIDIA Inception

Quantuloop has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with technology advancements....


Programming with Quantum Mechanics

Quantum computing is an emerging paradigm that opens a new era for exponential computational speedup. Still, quantum computers have yet to be ready for commercial use. However, it is essential to train and qualify today the workforce that will develop quantum acceleration solutions to get the quantum advantage in the future. This tutorial gives a broad view of quantum computing, abstracting most of the mathematical formalism and proposing a hands-on with the quantum programming language Ket. The target audience is undergraduate and graduate students starting in quantum computing -- no prerequisites for following this tutorial.

Evandro C. R. da Rosa and Claudio Lima

Hello, Quantum!

In this Notebook, we present a quantum "Hello, World!" (or "Hello, Quantum!") implemented in the quantum programming language Ket.